Monday, March 14, 2011

Behold, Flat Zanti & Friends!

Jim Barwise checks in with some updates on our pal Flat Zanti...

Flat Zanti hanging out with fellow 2-D buddy Eck, and their new pal, Ginger.

Flat Zanti likes Noel better than Jim!
Jim and Noel get to share in the 2-D fun with Eck and Flat Zanti.


  1. That top pic is a genuine dimensional anomaly, representing critters in normal 3-D, flattened 3-D and normal 2-D. The space they all occupy must be extremely unstable!

  2. Hi Ted. Yes the space is extremely unstable! We barely managed to take the picture before we had to return Eck to his two dimensional world lest the existing atoms explode. He could only stay for short visits. We're working to extend that capability safely. The things we do for The Outer Limits!